Updates/changelog/releases page/link from notion is superior to coda and there's alot anyone can learn from that page - recommend coda copy that page/link

i keep the updates/changelog links/pages of stuff/apps, but havent ranked them yet, and dont really look at them, dont care to (keep them cos they’re interesting i guess)

but notion is WOW in so many ways coda can learn and improve on

  • especially that the notion’s page is useful and informative and detailed, and coda’s page is not descriptive, really clear, or detailed
  • LOVE the color usage and the overall on the notion page, it was pretty good in the past also if i recall correctly
  • emjoi usage and orgainisation is also solid and top notch!

whoever (or w/e team) does that page knows what they’re doing for sure!

anyone could make an expectionally long list of why that link/page is so much better but why, coda update link/page is ok, above average i think

but seeing notion’s page/link is just like WOW. this makes me want to try notion again now, hmm…

hmmm… maybe next year i dunno

Notion is pretty, makes pretty, and sells pretty. There are designs on the linked Web pages that are better presented by Notion Labs. But let’s take a closer look. In particular, I disagree strongly with your judgement that Notion Labs’ verbiage is “useful and informative and detailed”.

Here is one of the first sentences one reads on the linked Notion Labs page:

Now you can visualize your tasks & projects with even greater precision. Group items by any property in your database views to achieve peak organization.

This is pure marketing and sales BS. As such, it has no place in a Change-log. The purpose of a Change-log is to inform users, not get them to buy your software. I find the hyperbole insulting.

Coda does this as well (“juicy features”, “and counting!”), but significantly less so, and not in the expository description of the changes.

Please register my vote to keep the descriptions of changes concise, factual, and about the software itself. Most software companies do this. The Change-log is to inform. Persuasion is out of place.

IME, Notion Labs ranks dead last in selecting, designing, implementing, and rolling out new features. (I have been certified for Access, Word, Excel, and Aperture. I was a Notion Ambassador.) A cursory look at the fiasco created by Notion Labs recent changing of the colors used in the program without warning or consultation, followed by their real-time retraction and stepwise emendation should serve as an alert as to what is important to Notion.

As you say “WOW. this makes me want to try notion again now, hmm…”. Notion Labs is fully committed to increasing sales. As a Notion user and teacher, I for one would rather they were equally committed to improving the product and the user’s experience. Having a boring, hype-free Change-log is a minor, but reassuring, step.


This is precisely why I seek out change-logs; it’s more about the data and less about the narrative. Using this data to sway adoption is equally possible in Coda, but if you must “sell” based on the change-log itself, you are admitting some degree of failure in the core product.

I see a pattern of deep bias emerging - Resources · Coda vs. Notion - #3 by Bill_French

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