Introducing the Notion Pack! 🎉

Before I started using Coda, I was on Notion. Once I wanted to leave Notion, my content was a copy/paste mess or I had to leave it there and start over again… until now.

Introducing the Notion Pack! :tada:

The Notion Pack by @Leandro_Zubrezki is a new way for existing Notion users to try Coda. The Notion Pack keeps both your Coda doc and Notion workspace up to date instantaneously. Meaning, when you make a change in Coda, that change will be reflected in Notion. Our Notion Importer ports your Notion workspace into a Coda doc, which is great for moving your data over to Coda, the Notion Pack keeps your tables updated in Notion and Coda through two-way sync.

What I love is that the Notion Pack allows me to work in both platforms. :sparkles: When an update is made in Coda, the change will be reflected back in Notion. :sparkles: So now, I don’t have to give up working in both platforms.

I have questions. We’ve got answers.

Q: I’m a Notion user but I want to try Coda with my existing docs. How can I do that?
A: You can use the Notion Pack to keep both docs up to date, ensuring you won’t lose any progress.

Q: I want to combine the power of Coda’s features, like creating word clouds, sending messages, and bringing in data from Packs with my existing Notion docs. What’s my options?
A: You can use the Notion Pack to sync your Coda doc to take advantage of those features.

Q: My team or client only uses Notion, but I want to use Coda to collaborate on their Notion doc. Is this possible?
A: You can use the Notion Pack to pull in the appropriate data and make changes that automatically sync back to your team’s or clients’ Notion workspace.

Are you ready to try the Notion Pack on Coda?

:man_supervillain:t4: Giving Notion Coda’s superpowers → Check out his doc, copy it and try for yourself

:rocket: Product Hunt launch → Show @Leandro_Zubrezki some love by upvoting and commenting on his post


Thank you for the introduction @steph :heart:

It was super fun to develop this Pack and even more to see how you people is using it!

This is how some users are using the Pack today:

  • Send notifications via Slack or email when a change occurs in a Notion page
  • Automatically create new pages in their Notion Tasks database or Habit Tracker each day
  • Update their ‘must watch movies’ database with movie covers and IMDb ratings through the IMDb Pack
  • Power their Stock Portfolio in Notion by pulling prices from Coda’s stock and cryptocurrency Packs

It really opens a lot of possibilities :muscle:

I am more than happy to answer questions, about the Pack, Coda, Notion and how to use it :arrow_heading_down: