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Hello everyone,

I’m new in Coda, and I’d like to use Coda to give more power to my Notion but I’m having a few problems.

  1. I’m using a pack and in it there is a limit of 10000 rows and one of my database in Notion it’s synced with Google Calendar, so when i sync i received all my old entries but not my new one, what is a possible turnaround to have my new entries sycned?

  2. if you use Notion you know that self-filtering sometimes is really useful due to some limitation of the app, so I’d like to automate this with Coda, in this way, sync Notion pack in Coda, then in a empty column I’d like to do a formula to mimic the “Name” and send it back to Notion so that i have there the relation.

I’m not really practical, is there anyone who has experience with Notion pack that can help with this?

Hi @Giuseppe_Boinega, the creator of the Notion Pack here :raising_hand_man:

  1. Right now the Pack does not support filtering, a quick fix could be giving you the option to select ascending or descending order for the sync. I will let you know once implemented.
  2. I don’t quite understand this point, if you want to update a Notion page you have the UpdatePage action, which property type you want to update from Coda?
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@Giuseppe_Boinega done, you can now choose between ascending and descending order based on the created date of the page.

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@Leandro_Zubrezki the database now has the right entries! thanks for the update i think it will be helpful for many

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I’m new with packs and it’s not really clear to me how to use UpdatePage and what should be expected result

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