Launched: Updated Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Pages!

When you’re in your flow, we know sometimes a mouse just won’t cut it. That’s why I’m excited to share a few updated keyboard shortcuts today!

tl;dr - Here are the new shortcuts!

  1. Command + \ to expand and show pages list (Ctrl + \ on Windows) .
  2. Navigate subpages in the header using arrow keys.
  3. Press Enter to go to a page link when highlighted.
  4. Press Shift + Esc to navigate from a subpage to its parent page.

Show & Hide Pages List

Press Command + \ on Macs or Ctrl + \ on Windows to expand and show your pages list on the left side of your doc. You can also use this to collapse and hide the list.

Navigate to a Subpage

Navigation using the arrow keys within a page now acknowledges the subpages list at the top of a page (if applicable and shown), as well as the “breadcrumb” that shows the parent page.

If you highlight a subpage or the “breadcrumb” and hit Enter, you will navigate to that page. The same is true if you highlight an @-mentioned page and then hit Enter.

Screen Recording 2020-07-06 at 04.50.16 PM

Navigate to the Parent Page

Press Shift + Esc to navigate from a subpage to its parent page.

Some tips for keyboard shortcuts

You can still use the existing shortcuts Cmd + Opt + [ and Cmd + Opt + ] (on Macs) and Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow and Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow (on Windows) for navigating up and down your page list from anywhere. You can also use also use Cmd + [ to go Back or Cmd + ] to go Forward in the browser history on Macs. The corresponding shortcuts are Alt + Left arrow and Alt + Right arrow on Windows.

If other applications make use of any of these shortcuts, they may override your use of them within Coda. If that’s the case, you’ll need to update your preferences for that app to disable the shortcut. (A great resource for finding out if this is happening is

And remember, if you need a reminder of keyboard shortcuts, you can access them at any time by typing Ctrl + / (on Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + / (on Windows) or opening up the Explore Panel > Learn > Keyboard Shortcuts.


This is great, but are there any plans to improve navigation back to the full doc list? A keyboard shortcut for that would be great, but even in a doc with a mouse, the carrot icon to go to See All Docs is annoyingly small and not super usable.

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Just to add, I have used the Coda extension in my browser which is an easy way to open up the full doc list, but honestly, I have recently used a third party program to turn Coda into a desktop application without tabs/extensions because I focus better by having set apps rather than one app with a bunch of tabs open, so just a plug for a desktop app as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it onto the team :smile:

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Michael, could you share with us how you did this? what third party tool did you use?


These are great and much appreciated.

Not sure I’ve seen this functionality or heard it requested so just to throw it out there since it’s related: I’d love something similar to Sublime Text’s code folding, so we can quickly expand or collapse, for example (from OP’s screenshot), all items under “Our Awesome Project” in one shot (Product, Design, Engineering, etc).

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 3.43.02 PM

The use case is primarily for demoing. I often need to walk people through my Coda doc, and the smoother the process, the more likely they are to buy into the concept and tool rather than focus on me clumsily expanding three or more sections to showcase a pattern.


Thanks for sharing the example! It’s especially helpful to know the shortcuts used in other apps since we’ve already exhausted a good number of existing keyboard combinations already :sweat_smile: I’ll forward this to the team.


Hi, Michael…what is this miracle third party program?
Can we get the name…and see screenshots??
Please, please, please???

Use create shortcut in Chrome, and then be sure to click the open as window checkbox. This will then give you a desktop shortcut which will open in its own window without the address bar.

Here is a topic on it by loucadufault.


This is great…thank you so much!

Cool to see the guide being used :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Kelsey_Chan is it worth mentioning the ability to run the Coda web app like a desktop app in some of the more official resources? I’m sure quite a few people would benefit from knowing this is a possibility, and the process is fairly straightforward.

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Hi, @loucadufault! I’ll pass on your suggestion to the support team :ok_hand:

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Thank you very much

chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts ? Please