Launched: Improvements to navigation in Coda

As Coda connects to more and more of the tools and data you use to get things done, we realized we had an opportunity to continue to make it easier to navigate around Coda—and to make it feel like the rest of the web.

Today, I’m excited to share two updates to navigation in Coda with you:

Easier page navigation

You can now click on any page icon to navigate to that page—just like you would the page title. Need to edit an icon? No sweat! Just double-click it.

Page Icon Clicks.gif|789.3333333333333x444

More consistent right-click behavior

On most websites, clicking a link while pressing Command a Mac, or Ctrl on a PC opens the link in a new tab. In Coda, it opened the link editing menu. We’ve updated behavior so that hovering over a link presents the option to edit it, holding Command or Ctrl while clicking opens the link in a new tab, and right clicking opens a menu that lets you choose either of those actions (plus a few more).

Link click behavior new.gif


Sweet :raised_hands: :partying_face: ! Thank you Dear Codans :clap: :raised_hands: :partying_face: !!!

The “clicking on the icon to open the page but got into the menu to edit the icon instead” got me absolutely every time :sweat_smile: ! I literally had to remember to click on the title of the page and not the icon :sweat_smile: .

And thank you very for the new “click behavior” too :partying_face: :raised_hands: !!!


Nice improvement, thank you!
Another ease of navigation would be if the second click on the name of a page would expand the branch of its subpages (if there are subpages).