VSCode alike keyboard shortcuts

There are a couple of use-cases that I think will be really handy for keyboard warriors like myself.

  1. Navigation palette using CMD + P that can be used to navigate to a subpage/doc or run a command on current text-selection.
  2. Shortcut chords. A great use-case for this would be being able to high different parts of the text with different colours easily using a chord like CMD + K followed by CMD + G for green, or CMD + R for red.

Can we also please have a shortcut for editing column properties? (I tried the Menu Key and Shift + F10 on my keyboard, but both brought up the browser right-click menu rather than the Coda one.)

Mega bonus points: what about something like a general command palette e.g. Ctrl + Q in Edge? Where you can pull it up, search through all menu items/commands, and hit enter (and it shows the shortcut for that command if there is one, for future reference).


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@Amy_Weatherford a command palette would indeed be great and is part of my original suggestion too :slight_smile:

Ah, I read that as only…like, you talked about a palette

that can be used to navigate to a subpage/doc or run a command on current text-selection.

If you look at the command palette in Edge, it doesn’t just do those things–you can navigate etc., but even just in the screenshot I have (filtered by the search I typed in) I see “Show bookmark manager”, “Focus toolbar”, “Move tab forward”, and the search through Favorites, History, etc.

So basically, the Edge one seems to run a good chunk of possible commands, including like…general browser commands, I guess I’d call them? Whereas the way I read what you wrote, I’d expect something kind of like Ctrl + P in Notion combined with a keyboard shortcut for the formatting menu. Like…

That said, I wasn’t totally clear in my post–what I meant was to further develop your idea, not just ignore it :woman_facepalming: Sorry about that!

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No worries and thanks for the clarification! General Coda commands wasn’t something I thought of before but it makes sense. What would some of those commands look like for you apart from general search and navigation within Coda?

Hi, sorry about the ridiculously late reply–I’m really bad about checking my community notifications… :sweat_smile:

Here are a few (assume for the sake of examples that the keyboard shortcut for the hypothetical palette is Ctrl + Q):

  • As in your original post, text formatting as individual commands. So I could use Ctrl + Q then type red, and I’d get the “red text” and “red highlight” options
  • Column properties. I haaaate having to right click or click a dropdown and then scroll through a UI menu every time I want to change almost anything to do with a column. If I have that column selected and Ctrl + Q, I should be able to type display and make it the display column, or description to edit the description, or options to edit the column options.
  • I’ve said this in a separate topic, but I’d love to have access to a code block preset to a particular language (e.g. HTML, CFL, JSON). Currently I have templates for my most frequently-used ones, but it’d be easier not to have to make said templates… Again, Ctrl + Q and type json might be a fantastic way to make this happen

There is, of course, the option to create custom shortcuts, and I’d definitely not say no to that if it’s implemented.

However, a command palette like I described would allow for a single shortcut (Ctrl + Q in my hypothetical) to give easy access to most or all commands individually via search.


  • I suspect this would be easier on the programmers than creating a system for custom shortcuts
  • It’s also easier on the user since they don’t have to create and then learn a ton of new shortcuts
  • As a bonus, it’d also allow for users whose browser conflicts with existing shortcuts to still easily access those commands
    • I have some extensions set up to use shortcuts, and they override Coda ones
    • So e.g. if Ctrl + \ to toggle page list conflicts with an already-existing shortcut I have, I could type Ctrl + Q and page and still easily access the command.)

Note 1: Rereading my post, I realized my description of the workflow reads wrong, and it’s difficult to describe properly within the post. Here’s how it goes in Edge (paraphrased/slightly edited from Microsoft Learn):

  1. In Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl + Q.
  2. Start typing. The commands are filtered based on your input characters, and are grouped into categories such as Suggestions, History, and DevTools:
  3. Use keyboard up/down arrows to select a command, and Enter to run it. (Or use the mouse.)

Note 2: Apparently this was an experimental feature and was removed from Edge in version 123. :sob: