Way to disable some keyboard shortcuts?

Chrome has a keyboard shortcut CMD+Shift+A that allows you to quickly jump between tabs but Coda uses the same shortcut to insert a new table.

Is there a way to disable the shortcut in Coda so I don’t have to try to remap it in Chrome (if that’s even possible)?

Generally speaking, Coda should prob try to avoid introducing keyboard shortcuts that conflict with major browsers, though that might be easier said than done.

Hi @Christian_Rodriguez2 :blush: !

I don’t think it’s possible to customize/disable/enable keyboard shortcuts within Coda :blush:
(this sounds like a suggestion you could make in the Suggestion Box :blush: )

On my old MBP and using Chrome 110+ I cycle through my open tabs using ⌃ Ctrl + ⇥ Tab (to go to the next opened tab) and ⌃ Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + ⇥ Tab (to go to the previous one), maybe that will work for you too ? :woman_shrugging:

(⌘ Cmd + ⇧ Shift + A does something completely different from my side of the screen, for some reasons … and I never modified/created any keyboard shortcuts)

You’re probably seeing the same thing but not recognizing what it is – it’s Chrome Tab Search. You can learn more about the feature and shortcut here.

Ah :sweat_smile: ! I see …

I’ll admit I generally just need to switch between tabs next to each others, hence my misunderstanding here :relaxed:

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