iPad OS app Keyboard Shortcuts & Slash commands

I’m new to Coda but am really liking it so far. Keyboard shortcuts are a huge deal to me when choosing a system that I’ll really use.

I love the keyboard shortcuts on desktop, but they seem to be non-existent on iPad. I’d be happy to find out I’m just missing something obvious, but there seems to be none.

One that would be super handy would be something like Command-E to change to edit mode without having to tap the button. Also, the square bracket shortcuts for navigating pages.

Also, jumping back to the all docs view.

Slash commands are also non-existent. Guess you just have to use the web version for now.

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To be honest, the coda app on ios is not great. It feels very unfinished, and doesn’t seem like it is getting the updates and support it should. A lot of the things in the app cant be changed, even saying go to coda.io to edit it, which doesn’t feel right to me.
But as you said, using the website is a good way of getting around this

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