What is Coda like on iPad?

I’m conisdering getting an iPad and a large reason is to be able to create and manage docs on the fly. I know the iOs app isn’t very capable in this capacity, but has anyone had firsthand experience using the web version on iPad? If so, how has it been?

Not great! I wouldn’t recommend it :joy:

I always do any building, editing, etc on a desktop and use my iPad (even when viewing Coda in a desktop browser) for viewing info only

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I don’t use Coda on an iPad (yet), but I do on my iphone. Often I change the ‘view’ too ‘as a website’. I find it easier to navigate than the mobile version.

Hope this might help.

I’d love to know if a better mobile experience was on the horizon?

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Second this, would love to know. I hoped the feeeback wouldn’t be this disappointing :frowning: but it’s useful to know in any case

The iOS app is a joke indeed. Can’t think of any use case that would make it bearable. So web version it is. But even then it’s not great. Definitely not for building docs, maybe for using docs (filling in forms/tables, etc.).

Another big con I recently ran into: if you use a keyboard on iPad, shortcuts won’t work. cmd+C / cmd+V? Forget it! :exploding_head:

Coda support is looking into this, but there’s no timeline as to if or when they will fix this.

TLDR; just use Coda on desktop…

I prefer accessing via web browser on iPad. With that, it’s fairly usable. IMO the ios apps in general are not usable. It’s a huge challenge to make coda reactive.

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