Seriously, why is Coda so crappy on the iPad?

The app, as everybody here knows, is abyssmal. In fact, it’s better to not have the app on your iPad than to accidentally have a coda doc open in the app.
But you know, iPadOS has these nifty bookmarks for the homescreen and it sort of lets you run a web page as though it’s an app. That would be perfect for Coda, right?
Nope. Not…not even close.
Ok, but Safari…I mean, people use Safari all the time, you know, on their iPhones and iPads and Macs. and, to be clear, Coda works pretty well on Safari on my Mac - but it is absolute rubbish on my iPad. I don’t know understand why.
We’re talking, it struggles to let you edit the contents in a cell and only saves some of the time. Sometimes it highlights multiple cells while you’re trying to edit a different cell.
I’m happy to hear there are new features being added weekly, but when is some serious attention going to be given to getting Coda to work on a Mobile device?


Thanks for the feedback, @Dallas_Browning —we always appreciate hearing when things aren’t going well. The mobile app has been a priority for us this past year, and we’ve launched a number of features to improve collaboration from your phone. But with that said, the mobile app is developed with mobile devices in mind, so we encourage makers to use their browser on their tablet.

On that note, can you say more about your experience using Safari on the iPad? What do you wish it did? What do you not appreciate about the experience today?

In the meantime, we’re gathering more input on how makers are commonly using Coda on their tablets, and would love to hear your dreams for an iPad app!

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Hi @Shaina_Torgerson, I am an avid iPad user. I switch between my laptop and iPad/Phone all day long.

Coda is super helpful on the go if I am writing a post or need to grab copy to post SM content.

I do have trouble on the phone with selecting an option when using the table feature.

It is mostly limited if I wanted to create a new row in a database. I will have items sorted and filtered, so I definitely don’t do anything “heavy” unless I’m on my laptop.

It’s not terrible, but I don’t find it to be flexible enough for on the go use.

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+1 to the ipad pain. i too use it via a safari bookmarks (i have several diff coda pages i’m often using at once, switching back and forth between). generally speaking the rendering is glitchy and unreliable, and navigating around tables is particularly painful- and tables are most of what i’m using the docs for. i use my ipad with a touch pad and two finger scrolling is just not recognized when i’m hovering over a table, so i switch to touching the screen which very quickly becomes dangers as i’m accidentally editing data and/or moving the whole table itself. the safari/ desktop mode is def best vs. the app experience but… still way harder than i want it to be :frowning:


Yes, yes, and more yes!

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What is happening here, for example? These are a ‚cards‘ view of a table- why does it render just one column?
Ipad 6mini, Coda App, newest IPadOS

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