Can't login on my ipad pro

I absolutely cannot manage to use coda on my ipad pro. Every time I try logging in with my gmail account it reverts to the first page - it’s driving me crazy… any ideas?

Does everything work if you use Chrome instead of the Coda App?

I checked, it does work with Chrome, but I cannot use the app itself. And I do have the latest version…

This is odd. We’ve put it through testing in different scenarios and can’t re-create the issue you’re having.

I’m not sure if this could be a session issue where clearing cache might help to reset the session. It’s worth a try if you’re able to clear cache for the app. I will continue to keep an eye out for what might be causing this.

We’re still running some tests and it looks like the most recent beta iOS versions might have an issue. We will keep checking on this.

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My frustration with Coda on my iPad pro is i cant expand the columns lol, even when using the assistive touch setting to use a bluetooth mouse. Not sure if its coda not know how to read the touch input or if its safari on the ipad not translating well.

Hi @Juan_Rey,

You can try using Chrome and you can try viewing the desktop version if the setting allows that to happen. Currently we do have some limitations on tablets. We’re still working on getting more edit-ability running for mobile and tablets land in the middle of desktop and mobile.

It’s being worked on continuously, so thank you for the feedback!