iPad Specific App


I have an iPad and I use it constantly, I would love to see Coda have an iPad app. I use my iPad more all my business and note taking purposes having Coda on it would make all that easier.


Hey Maddox, I agree! I use an iPad a lot too. We have an iPad app coming but in the mean time we have upgraded the web experience on the iPad so you can actually go to coda.io on the web and edit text, add rows, etc. - it works a lot like the iPhone app.

Are there any particular features beyond what we have in the iPhone app that you would like to see in the iPad app? Also please let me know what you think of the iPad web experience so we can plug those learnings into the iPad app.


I think the web experience is quite exquisite, it contains all of the tools I need. As far as the iPad app goes, I’d like to see an enhanced viewing format, it also might do justice to enhance the editing experience, it just lacks a bit of the finesse that the PC web experience has. Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining things. But I look forward to using the iPad app.


Great! Yeah we have a ways to go to improve the editing experience on mobile. Just getting started!

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It’d be great to have a desktop experience on the iPad.

The idea behind the product is really refreshing but unfortunately it’s not much use on my iPad Pro mainly because I can’t create the awesome docs that I see in the examples (which I think is the main pull of the product).

My User Journey

  • Saw this app on App Store
  • Whoa, looks revolutionary
  • Explore website, getting really interested and excited at the possibilities of Docs
  • Downloaded the app from App Store
  • Toyed around, and realised I can’t actually create my own custom docs on the iPad
  • Felt disappointed
  • Contemplated on going on a desktop to create docs
  • Realized I can’t, cause I’m using an iPad Pro as my only machine
  • Sad
  • Tried to search online whether there’s a workaround
  • Realized I googling Coda doesn’t really help, because there’s Panic’s Coda for iOS
  • Somehow ended up in this Forum, and looked around
  • Saw how great the community is, and decided to post my penny’s worth of thoughts

In all seriousness, the product looks amazing. The community looks amazing. But I guess, it’s just not for me right now.


I agree, this needs to be made an urgent function. Either through the iOS app or through either the chrome desktop site or mobile site.


The main user on my document only uses iPad. The main feature of the document is the ability to show a calendar, and also show the same events in a list. The iOS application does not show a calendar widget at all, since it is optimized for a phone.

I tried working around the issue by opening the document in the browser, and switching to desktop view. Unfortunately the desktop view is not editable, and shows a notice that switch to Google Chrome to make it editable.

I downloaded Google Chrome, navigated to the document and switched on desktop view - only to realize that iPad does not have a real Google Chrome, instead it just has a Chrome skin on top of Safari rendering engine - so the site still showed the notice to use Google Chrome.

So, I cannot think of any way to get an editable calendar view visible on iPad - this is a major problem for me :frowning: