IpadOS and Safari full support

Hi Awesome team!

Now that apple “almost” launched IpadOS that turns every iPad in a computer-like device and Introduced a robust support for “desktop” Safari in IpadOS… i really was wondering whether Coda will work with a full functional desktop experience on iPads.

We all know how far behind a mobile (iPad) version is compared to the desktop web version…



Just wanted to add some info as follow ups…
I really wanted to have Coda.io working on IpadOS… well, iPads are such a great machines… they are so handy and powerful and it’s a shame that are, well, considered not as PCs.

Well with a bit of hacking I was able to load coda.io on a iPad (you have to use a custom user agent that emulates Chrome Desktop… there are a couple of browser that allows to do that. PM me if you are interested)…

What’s the outcome?
Well, it’s a shame!!! It’s working everything except a couple of things:

  • Drag n drop of coulmns
  • The canvans/table accepts only special characters when you write… (if this doesn’t work you can’t usa Coda at all)

The rest was working fine: buttons, interactions with views, sections etc…


I really hope codas will make Coda work in such an amazing machine :slight_smile: