Auto-Collapsing Groups in Tables

Maybe I’ve overlooked this feature, but could we get a way to auto-collapse the groups in a table? I’m working on a table that groups by year, then month, then category, then subcategory (a little overkill? maybe haha). It would be awesome to be able to auto-collapse all in any given group.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ., I believe

Doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe because I’m on a Mac? I did Ctrl + Option + Shift + . , nothing seemed to happen. Thank you for the suggestion though.

On Mac it should be Cmd + Opt + .

Keyboard shortcuts | Coda Help Center

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Aha thank you, the button conversions between Mac and Windows always confuse me. This works perfectly for collapsable lists in a page, but I was hoping to do the same thing for the collapsable lists that are created when we customize tables with groups.