Ability to collapse code blocks

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Thanks for flagging, Connor! You are not alone with this request, others at Coda have run into this as well. There is not a work around just yet but I have added this to our features request list for everyone.

If you have any details you can share about your use case, we would love to hear them!


HI Maggie<

I have a very similar request, but for columns:

It would be great if the formulas explained above could be collapsed under “simple iteration”, it would make it much easier to get an overview of the page. (Especially once I add some “Complex Iterations”.

Below is a link to the doc



Here’s one workaround, You can put your content into Canvas columns and then @-reference those in your page. The formula will render the canvas (text and layout, and even buttons but no other controls.) You can then apply styling (incl. indent) onto the formula.