Inline code formatting

Code blocks are the bees knees, but I would love some inline code formatting.

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Hey @Joseph_Gilley - we’ve got it for ya! Put your code snippet in single quotes and press space to see it in action:


oho! you sure do. BUT, what about inline code formatting for text formatted table cells?


We’ve got that too! Make sure you hit the space after typing to commit the code block:


oh my goodness, look at all that egg on my face! very nice, thank you!

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All good! Helpful feedback as we try to make this more discoverable :slight_smile:

Is it just me, or is this functionality a bit spotty? I can sometimes use it, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I can’t detect a consistent pattern - it sometimes works in bullet lists, sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes works at the top level of a document, sometimes doesn’t. This snippet for instance I can’t get to work in any context I mentioned:


whereas this one seemed to work in most places:

curl -v -o /dev/null

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This isn’t working for me. :frowning: