Codeblock (choose language, syntax highlight, choose theme, and various settings (similar to NimbusNote code block)

Hello, I like Coda, but the code block is not that great :smiley:
I found the Code Block packs (it uses Code Mirror): Code Blocks Pack, extend Coda with Code Blocks | Coda
But it has few caveats namely you cannot write a long code, and also it’s putting the code in a table, than a native code block.
I know this might be a duplicate post, but I just want to emphasis to the team that this is a really good feature that cannot be ignored especially for those who want to migrate their documentation, coding lessons, etc to Coda.

See attached from Nimbus Note’s code block:

I believe they use Code Mirror, so does Notion.
You can choose language, theme, wrap (there’s a lot of setting here).

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:wave: Hi @Aizat_Hawari ! I’m a PM here at Coda & wanted to share that we are actively working on this feature :slightly_smiling_face: If you’re interested in trying it out, I can make sure to reach out when we are ready for beta.


Hi Teresa_de_Figueiredo yes, please! :slight_smile: Thank you! May I know will it be release in nearest Q1/Q2, or much later this year? This is literally the top feature I’m waiting for before fully migrating pages of my docs and tutorials over with lots of code blocks over to Coda.

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Hello! Apologies for my late reply, this feature is now in beta!

Initially, this new styling option will only apply to new code blocks, not existing blocks. Once you sign up for the beta, we will turn on this ability for new code blocks in the next couple weeks. As a reminder, beta features are an early version of a feature we look to test & gather feedback from our community on before rolling out more broadly to everyone. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Sign up here: Code syntax highlighting beta


Hi, I’ve signed up, can you please check?
Would love to use the code syntax soon :slight_smile:

Secondly, I was also wondering, what news do Coda have about HTML table?
I tried import markdown with HTML table and it’s not working.

Hi @Aizat_Hawari , yes confirmed I got your sign up, we will enable in the next couple weeks! Can you share an example of what you are doing with HTML table to make sure I understand?


It’s simple, not every table I want to have as a database, to be called elsewhere again. Sometimes a table is just to arrange some data, for example (see attached).
Logically, in time, it will just crowd the amount of database I will have whereby I just want to display somethings in table, not turning them into database to be called again elsewhere. It’s pretty standard in any document. Majority of note editor I have used have this simple table creation, including Notion, Joplin, Nimbus Note, etc.

Thank you for the details!! This is top of mind for us, and I’ll keep you posted on any updates here :slight_smile:

I would note that if Coda really supported Markdown this would be accomplished by typing something like ```json to start a code block.


:wave: Thanks for sharing this request! We’ve been working on improving Coda’s code block and I’m happy to share that we’ve now launched new code blocks that support syntax formatting for nearly 100 languages! :tada:

You can try it out by typing /code block in your doc — let us know what you think!