Outlining within a Section would be the bees knees. Am I alone here?

As a Dynalist user and because my brain can be a very messy place (:innocent:), I must add my +1 for this feature :yum:

Hi, wanted to jump back in here as I have actually had an increased need for this since my original post. @Bruce_TM thank you for the acknowledgement. I have actually been spending way too much time since May testing and re-testing the whole gamut of tools out there trying to find something that meets my team’s needs - we do website publishing/development. Coda remains the only tool that can probably meet all of them, but it’s been a challenge for me to structure Coda to cover all I need, and still have a user-friendly enough interface that my team will adopt.

This outlining capability is a real huge need for us when it comes to planning - planning projects, sub-projects around them, etc. that we can then turn into action. Although I may be bordering on form admin duties here, this post by Krunal seems to also illustrate the same need we are talking about here:

In fact the start of that post looks very similar to Wrike, a tool I am looking at closely due to its ability, via a table view, to handle nested record types - either folders or tasks. But of course Wrike has a ton of other limitations that Coda solves.

I thought it was very exciting to see this outlining coming to life in Coda in this thread I linked to above! And if you read the entirety, there are some comments from inside Coda’s team, as in this thread, that they are working on this capability and have it prioritized.

So I remain on the lookout for this functionality coming into “real” production, and in the meantime looking forward to playing with Krunal’s version.

Thanks guys!

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  • 1 for the outlining feature.


Coda has changed quite a lot of things in my company. We are very satisfied of how we use Coda in a lot of different situations and roles.

Indeed, we now start to document and think about new projects in a incubator section of our general coda management document. If the project gains traction, we build its own separate document. It works like a charm

we used mainly google docs in the past, and we accumulated a big trove of them. Coda offers order to us and we love it. However, sometimes we need to build mildly complex text documents inside sections. For instance, dossiers, deliverables, reports, etc. Use an entire coda doc with sections as headings would be a terrible answer to that needing. It would be better to map the section-as-a-text-document, representing the headings structure with an outliner at the right side. Something like this

Right now, Coda cannot serve a critical needing of mine: writing texts watching and using outlines all the time. Because of that, I have to go out of Coda for writing and return to it when I have completed the text

It’s not a deal breaker, but I really miss an outliner. I would spend even more time with Coda with it


Indeed at the beginning a complete / sophisticate ouliner is not needed. For instance, Stackedit has implemented a very simple outliner which just represent headings structure in a side panel. I have copy my text from a Coda section to it in order to end the document and order the main ideas quickly. See


As I needed this as well, I coded it up as a quick Javascript hack: Automatic TOC - Javascript Hack (advanced, unstable)

@Juan_Luis_Chulilla I think my Hierarchical Section hack might be useful to you as well.

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Hi @Juan_Luis_Chulilla,

Thank you for the detailed feedback on your use-case. It definitely highlights the need for better handling of larger text sections. We’ve seen quite a few use-cases that have similar needs, so this is being discussed a good deal within the company.

I’m happy to hear Coda is still working out for most use-cases. We’ll work to close the gaps on the others!

Thank you again!


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Hi @ABp,

That is great feedback and I liked seeing that you didn’t feel locked into text blocks. Coda is a nice open canvas that lets you use it however you see fit, and hopefully even more-so as we add more features.

Like you mentioned in your post, these items are being worked on and this feedback is very helpful for that process.

Thank you for posting!


Absolutelly. Gracias, hombre

@BenLee Pay attention to what @GJ_Roelofs did. Awesomelly useful!

Yeah, I saw that! It’s a really neat solution!

I’m gonna crazy neeeeeed this … Table of contents .
Please coming update…
Thank you so much !