Links to all sections in a folder

Is there any way to automatically create a list of links to every section in a given folder?


Dear @Tom_Locke,

You have in mind a Table Of Content (TOC)?

I hope later to have access to my laptop, to try to support.

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Yes something like that, but I need the TOC to be in one section, while the content itself is a whole set of other sections, which are all in the same folder.

Hi @Tom_Locke,

Please have a look to this template, you can copy it and use it for your own inspiration about the used TOC at the right

To my opinion everything is inside and it has a beautiful layout. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

We’ve been hard at work on a new feature that includes what you’re looking for, and we’re looking for Beta testers if you want to sign up!

Thanks very much,

@Jean_Pierre_Traets, thank you for the advice. I’m aware of section outlines, but unfortunately this doesn’t fit my need as I need a TOC of multiple sections, not headers within a section.

@BenLee awesome! Wow it’s like you read my mind. That’s exactly what I need. This sounds like a fairly fundamental change, so if I opt in to the beta, will the change happen to just a given doc, or across my entire account? And what about other editors of the doc? Will they have to opt-in to the beta also, or will they automatically get pages and sub-pages when they work on my doc?


Your account will be added to the Beta, so it’ll affect all your docs.

All people using a doc will see the same thing, so anyone you’ve shared the doc with will also see and use pages.

Great, thanks for the clarification. I have one more question - given it has the title “beta”, could you comment on how stable the new functionality is? I am trying to onboard a whole group of people to doing things “the Coda way”. If they get a feeling things are unstable, that could be a blocker.

It looks like tons of people have already asked to join the beta so I’m guessing it’s all good. If that is your feeling then please go ahead and add me.

Thanks so much!

A beta can have small bugs, which is the reason to have a beta run, but it’s not usually any breaking issues.

Something I look for when onboarding someone is whether or not the new feature will change a pattern in how they use the product. In this case, nested pages, and folders becoming pages, is a change in workflow, so I lean towards putting up with any inconsistencies so people can get started with the workflow that will be there moving forward.

A change in how a feature works can sometimes be more jarring than small bugs in a beta feature. So I try to weigh these and see which one wins out.

If you do want to be added to the list, reply to the post for the Beta and you’ll get added.

@BenLee does it take a while before someone gets around to adding me? I added my reply to that thread but so far my doc still has folders and sections. Thanks : )

We haven’t added everyone just yet. It’ll happen early this week though.