Strava Pack | Get yo fitness on

With the help of the brilliant @Eric_Koleda and @Leandro_Zubrezki among others, A Strava pack is forming. And the dashboard is starting to look real good!

If anyone is interested in helping build this pack out with me or interested in the final product, let me know! Happy to connect!


What a beautiful doc! Excellent work, and in only a few hours!

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Fantastic mate, looks amazing!

I was just thinking about a strava pack last night! Super excited to see this ship :slight_smile:

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Well done!

Getting the data in through the pack is one thing, but you made the doc look awesome too!

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What a cool looking doc! Love it!

Hi Scott,
this is fantastic, how can we find the template ?

Shoot me a message! —>

Wow! This looks great. Is there any way I can get access to it?

Dear @Tomasz_Nowicki ,

Welcome to the Coda Makers community.

You can contact Scott here:

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