Integrate with Jefit

Jefit ( is the #1 exercise tracker.
It also includes nutrition tracking, goals, coaching, etc.
The free version is usually enough for most people (me included).

A 3rd-party API using NPM exists here (GitHub - denolfe/jefit: A third-party API for accessing JeFit data).

I would love to be able to sync information from Jefit into Coda.

Hey @Chris_Hall ! Thanks so much for reaching out with this suggested Pack. I’ve gone ahead and moved your post under the “Making Packs” section of the Community so it might get some more attention.

I would also recommend adding your Pack idea to this page: Request a pack. Hope that helps! Have an awesome day :sunglasses:

Thank for the suggestion @Chris_Hall. I did a preliminary investigation, and there would certainly be some challenges creating a Pack that works with that service. They don’t seem to have an official API, and the NPM package you linked to seems to be doing screen scraping to get access to the data. Unfortunately a Pack wouldn’t be able to use that NPM package as-is, since it uses a Node-specific HTTP library that isn’t compatible with Coda. While it’s not impossible to replicate what their doing in a Pack, I wouldn’t recommend it for a first Pack!


Thanks for checking! I’ll look for another solution.

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