Add coda support as doc maker

Hey there,

So I’ve individually suggested this to several of the wonderful coda support peeps as it comes up but want to formally “suggest” it.

Often when I go to coda support for help it’s because of a bug or something not working as I thought it should and they invariably need me to share my doc. The problem is that most of the docs I work on, whether for myself or clients, are locked down so that only doc makers can make edits. The current situation doesn’t allow anything more granular than that…so I can’t keep the doc unlocked long enough for coda support to get in there.

My suggestion is that coda support can be automatically added as doc makers without it charging us any extra, and like this they can do what they need to and there is no risk of someone else doing something they normally can’t do.

Thank you!

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Interesting - thanks for your suggestion.

I’m at the point where I may want to get some help on a issue I’m having and my plan was to copy the existing Doc, and strip out all the table data and put in some dummy data so the issue can still be examined.

I thought if I copy the Doc as editable, Coda would be able to play around with it?

If I need to add them as a Owner or some such, which it sounds like, as you’re suggesting then yeah, that is a bit painful?

Perhaps maybe Coda could generate and provide a temporary access Code or similar that would open up the Doc for their investigations without disturbing the access on your end?

They could then later rescind the code when they’re done?

No, as long as they can edit it, they’ll be able to do what they need to do. My issue is that I often lock it down so only doc makers/admins can make edits, because that is the only option now: either everyone can edit or only doc makers/admins can.

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