Beginners walkthrough

HI All,

I have just posted a comment on the “Start Here” forum asking for some feedback. I think feedback from non-beginners might also be helpful.

I am busy developing a doc called Beginners Walkthrough for newbies to point them in a good direction, rather than having them stare a t a blinking cursor, or aimlessly browsing though all the info available.

Video link: [Walkthrough of the Beginner’s Walkthrough doc]( Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Doc link: Coda | Everything evolves, the evolution of documents.

Please let me know “Good, Bad or Ugly”… :wink:

Rambling Pete

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Hello @Piet_Strydom ,

I can’t use the link to your Walkthrough - not sure if this is just me?

Greetings, Joost

Thanks for the let know. It did not work for me eitehr. It seems to be ok now.


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Can’t really say if it’s good, bad, or ugly :slightly_smiling_face:

I can only say that a few of us are making (or have an ambition to make) something similar — beginner’s walkthroughs — and apparently everyone has a completely different vision for it :slightly_smiling_face: e.g. I teach data design theory, Scott teaches formulas, and you stress on use cases.

And I suspect, there’s no right or wrong vision either — it’s just that everyone projects at the audience whatever was their own pain or experience.


Just shows how versatile coda is… :wink:

I had also proposed a multilingual wiki solution and presented a template that needs to be improved.

However, in spite of the interested people and even at the level of Coda employees, nothing has moved :frowning:



Hi Thierry

My perception is that your Wiki would be a comprehensive documentation of the system.

What I am trying to do is to give people a kick start:

  • From: Do you want to blog: here are some pointers and examples.
  • To: If you want to build an app, you can use buttons, formulas etc…

So from the Beginners Walkthrough, their would be links to say Maria’s Coda essentials, or your Wiki Community Project, but it wouldn’t replace either.


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Ok :slight_smile: @Piet_Strydom
I understand the concept well, but in itself, it’s quite similar to what I propose, but in a different form ^^.

At some point, it would be nice to get motivated people together and bring projects together to have a common base where we could help more effectively.