Retrospective Webinars are Back!

Hi there! Here at Coda, we’re always working on something, and it can be hard to keep up. We’re going to bring back our monthly retrospective webinars where you can see new features in action, get a sneak peek of what’s on deck, and share questions with our Product Managers. Here’s our summer schedule:

We’ll also be recording these - hope to see you there!


I hear you, Hector! We’re always going to have a free version available. Hope you can join one of our sessions!

I’m the opposite, please do have a charged version because I want you guys to get paid for your amazing work and I’d feel more comfortable if you guys are profitable :slight_smile:


@maria how can I find the recorded video for June 17 section? thanks!

You can find it right here - enjoy!


Sorry, I missed the webinar. Was too tired and just passed out that day. Thanks for the recording, watched it. Templates feature looks fun. When we can create our own libraries of templates, then it’ll come to its full potential.

Also thanks for the update on the doc builder marketplace, looking forward to it.

As for the pricing, I believe the granular permissions support should be the staple of free (personal/small teams) vs paid (large teams/enterprise) offer. It’ll be the most fair way to go.

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Our next session is tomorrow! Hope to see you there.

:desktop_computer: :studio_microphone: :woman_teacher:

bah… I’ll miss it again…

Dear Paul,

:bulb: It’s at 20:00, Sofia Time tonight, so you have still a chance :bulb:

I think there will also be a recorded version when you subscribe

Nah, I mean I’ll be away from home at that time. Yep, will have to watch the recording.

Is there a specific location where recordings are being posted for review?

Dear @GJ_Roelofs, welcome in the community :handshake:

Good question :clap:

@maria, do you have the webinars somewhere on a central place available?

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@GJ_Roelofs We don’t have a specific place, but if you register for the webinar we always send the recordings to folks (even if you can’t attend!). Thanks!

We’ve got through November scheduled now too - hope to see you there!

Hey Maria, do you still happen to have Drive links to the July and August webinars? I need to get my fix. :upside_down_face:



Hope you can join us for today’s session too!