[Offer] 🎓 Wanna be in my Fundamentals Course one and only cohort?

As you probably know, I got Maker Funded to build my Coda Courses. The first course I’m building is called Coda Fundamentals. It’s going to be my flagship course that won’t just teach you the features but also all the essential theory. I’m going to talk about:

  • why it’s a bad idea to just use Excel / Sheets for everything
  • how to take your business and make a data model out of it
  • how to design a database for that model
  • how to make sure everything is solid and calculating properly
  • how to build a solution that’s enjoyable to work with

Sure, the course focuses on Coda and its features and gotchas. But the knowledge it gives is fundamental. Everything you’ll learn will apply just as well to any other tool… even traditional programming.

I already planned the outline: all modules and lectures, their order and talking points. It is quite monumental. Each yellow sticky note is going to be a 3-5 minute video. Each orange note is a challenge aimed to give you even deeper understanding on how things work. Every lecture is designed towards the ultimate goal to teach you that mindset of an engineer who can build solid business automation tools cognizantly , not by trial-and-error.

(full res here)

TL;DR: The course will cost $799. That’s how I’ve been advised to price it. Eventually I’ll make a simpler course that’s going to be more affordable for soloists and makers on a budget. But for now the plan is to finish this flagship course and sell it at that price to companies and enterprises.

Now the fun part:

Before filming the videos I want to run the content through a live audience. I want to see if I need to adjust anything: focus more on what’s unclear or cut down on what’s obvious. For that I want to assemble a group of 20-25 people max and personally teach the course through a series of online classes. I’m not yet sure about the schedule but I imagine this:

  • 6–8 classes total
  • every day (1 week) or every other day (2 weeks)
  • 2–3 hours long each: for the lecture and any follow-up discussion

The cost is the same $799, and you’ll still get the final course materials once they are out. So you’ll get both the live training and the final course for the price of just the latter. Also this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity as it’s the only time I’m teaching this course in person. You’ll make history :slight_smile:

If you’re interested please fill out the form to apply below. Submissions will close on Wed, Feb 23 at 12p PT and I’ll notify everyone who gets to be in the group shortly after.

:point_right: Interested — Apply for the live course


This is not out of line. In fact, I think it’s low.

For private coaching you and your knowledge with an extremely deep understanding of Coda can easily sustain value-pricing north of $3500us/day (~$440/hr). To get you in a room with 20 other people each paying $53.75/hr - that’s cheap; very cheap.

Your development cost, of course, is a different ball of worms. Typically, for every hour of technical education, the prep time is north of 10 hours and the core skill time (to learn what you present in a mere 1 hour takes 100 hours to become an expert). This is kind of common when you know that any given level of proficiency in any technical topic takes about 10,000 hours to master.

Considering the matrix you show and the topics and depth you are likely to dive into, I would suggest a one-time $799 introductory pricing for the first two or three classes, but with an SRP of $995; $1,295 for a bonus full additional week of unlimited email support following the class experience. :wink:

Take a look at Ben Collins and his pricing for Google Sheets training. I think you are easily 4X what Ben charges for these 8 courses which are discounted to $994.

I would love to attend and help with your polishing but I’m so slammed right now.


Welp, the cohort is postponed because of you-know-what. I’ll let you know when I’ll be able to get back online :peace_symbol:


I think very much about you and your country Paul. Take care of yourself