Best ways to learn Coda

I’m new to Coda this week and wow - such a great platform!

Apart from the Coda website and resources (which are great), can you recommend any other places/people to learn more about Coda and what I can do with it?


The community

My first year in Coda was spent diving into the archives of this community. It is an amazing wealth of resources, knowledge, experiments, etc

Start looking for posts with lots of views/replies and you’ll find some gold mines

Coda Doctorate

A free program offered by Coda to help you dive deep into Coda! @maria would have more info if you are interested


Always a winner. Good old YouTube - I may be biased but I have my own solely Coda focused channel :wink:


There really is no better way to learn that starting to just build solutions to real problems in your life. Dream of the moon and try to accomplish it in Coda. And post here when you’re stuck. You’ll grow really fast


Courses built by Coda pros are on their way soon! I’m launching my own soon and @Paul_Danyliuk is working on one that looks truly epic as well

But above all - I’ve easily learned and gained the most from posting in and reading in this community along with just starting to tackle problems that felt like they couldn’t be done. Then persevering until they were.

Cheers and good luck!


Thanks for the shoutout!

@Steven_Kryger welcome to the world of Coda!

In addition to what Scott said, here’s a few resources from yours truly:

  • Best Practices Showcase (8 hours of videos & a doc) — a long but very aha-moment-packed series of how to approach building solid docs
  • My Coda Tricks YouTube — I post some tutorials there as well. The majority of content there is streams (and most of them hidden because they are very unpolished material for patrons) but I’m planning to open up more and also do higher quality stuff there.
  • And since I mentioned it, my Patreon where I post more intimate knowledge sharing and how-I-built-it streams.
  • Also I’ll eventually launch the blog. For now you can subscribe to the newsletter there.

My country is at war and I’m a bit overworked lately. But once I deal with all the urgent things and establish some cash flow (mostly due to the evolved Cross-doc pack I’m launching in a few days), I’ll double down on making great educational content, gated and free as well.

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@Paul_Danyliuk and @Scott_Collier-Weir are right! And don’t forget about Coda | Learn Coda, the Coda learning doc - it’s got all our basic starter education which can give you a good baseline.

Hi Steven

Welcome to Coda, and glad to see that you like it so much.

As far as education goes, what Scott said! What Paul said!! What Maria said!!!

But I would like to emphasize one o the points from Scott:

Solving your own problems brings focus to your learning. and it gives you experience. It took me about a year to drop my previous Excel, Notion and other mental models, and become comfortable in the Coda structure: When to create a new doc, when to create a new table, when to create a cross-dock, what does FormulaMap(), and other subtle formulas, allow you to do.

Build, build, build… :wink:

Rambling Pete

Know that we are thinking and praying for you and your country, as trite as that may sound.


Hey everyone, I am also a new Coda user, discovered it about a week ago and I am amazed at the possibilities that are opening to me.

I’ve also got to say, I am shocked that the three people I regard the most in the Coda community (my teachers) have answered this post within its creation day.

So big prop to you three : @maria @Scott_Collier-Weir @Paul_Danyliuk I currently am in the process of watching all your videos.

@Steven_Kryger you can cast your vote In this thread I personally thinks that it would be awesome to have such wiki in place :slight_smile:

Also, if anyone can record a tutorial but do not want to bother with the editing, I can help with that.
I will read you all around.



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