Unknown doc in My docs and cannot delete?


I received an email from Coda? and it linked me to a new doc in my docs called Support. I have not copied this document, and I cannot delete it.

This is extremely worrying on two counts:

  1. I do not believe that coda has any access control, so how come I cannot delete?

  2. Who / What / How does this document get into my docs area, and I assume onto My Drive.

Both of these areas are cause for concern, and enough to drop the product!


Dear @Clive_Davies

This is a doc I have been creating to be used when I try to support other members in the community :slight_smile:

*1) You can not delete as you are not the owner of this doc.
*2) As you can see, you have opened this doc for review and that’s the reason it visible at your Google Drive. That’s the reason it’s now available to you.

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