How can I find all docs I've shared externally with a specific person?

We had an external contractor that we shared several documents with. That relationship has ended, so now I’d like to unshare all of those documents, but I have no idea which documents those are.

Is there a way to accomplish any of these:

  • See all of the external people that have docs shared with them
  • Deprovision a guest (i.e. remove them from all documents)


Dear @MrChrisRodriguez,

It’s a very good question and for sure it’s not a luxury to be able to see such info at a glance.

For the time being, I have made a folder where all shared docs are located and another folder where docs are located that are shared in this community. It’s far from ideal, and time consuming.

Dear @BenLee, it would be appreciated if you could address this with the responsible team and to get feedback/suggestions on it.
I am rather sure that for the “Enterprise Plan” there must be a way for the admin to keep control on this kind of rights

Something reminded me to this post for the Enterprise clients