Working with people outside your organization

Hi there!

I’m exploring switching my org to use Coda. How does it work to collaborate with people outside our org, to whom we only want to give access to 1-2 folders or docs. It currently seems like even inviting someone to a private folder gives them access to the entire workspace.

The only workaround I can see is to make every single folder private, or make every single folder in the “My docs” folder and then share every folder with everyone in our org. This is quite burdensome.

Is there something easy that I’m missing?

Yes this is the situation AFAIK. What we do is just shared individual documents to external people.

Thanks @Ed_Liveikis , how do you share individual docs without giving that person access to your entire workspace?

When you use the share dialog inside a specific doc, you only share that doc with your intended collaborators – not the workspace.


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