Outside client access to folders

Good afternoon. I would like to give my external clients access to a private folder just for them without giving them access to the whole workspace. This doesn’t seem possible. I believe my only option is to give them access to a bunch of individual documents. Can anyone advise on this? Thanks very much.

Just like you pointed out, the private folder doesn’t have the option to be shared without inviting the person into the workspace. But why would this be a problem when they won’t be able to see anything else inside your workspace other than the docs that you selectively grant them access. I do understand that it could be quite annoying sharing multiple docs to multiple external clients.

edit: I didn’t take into account that you may have shared folders inside your workspace. If this is the case, then it is exactly like you said. For me, I only created docs in My docs or Private folders and shared with those that need access.

Dayton, that’s a great answer. I will do it exactly the way you do it. Thanks so much.

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