Private Documents in a Shared Folder


Is it possible to create a private document within a Shared Folder, that only specific amout of people can see?

If no, where can I vote for such a feature

I think a feature like this, would be benefical for some people / situations.

All the best

Not right now. Curious to why you need it in a shared folder if everyone in the folder can’t see it. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a shared folder?

Hey Scott

We would need these Private doc permissions in a shared folder, so we could have a single folder for each team within our company that contains public and private information.

For example, information about the Team should be public, but some project credentials that are sensetive info, should be private.

Right now we have a pain point, that for each Team, we have to create seperate public and private folders. If we could have single folder with these hybrid permissions for each team, then there would be twice-less folders, resuling in a better accesible/organized/simpler Company Coda Workspace.

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