Private Docs that my team can't see

I have a doc in a locked folder thats only private to myself with sensitive information. I validated with the team that they can’t access the folder this doc is in, and they don’t have access.
I made another doc that has a table from this private doc, only to discover that a team member clicked the link next to the doc sync icon and was able to access my private doc.
how can I completely lock everyone out of a private doc?

If the private doc you’re talking about is in a private folder and the doc itself is not shared, this should not be the case.

Is the doc itself shared with the domain by chance?

The doc is in a locked private folder. And the doc itself is not shared with anyone. I wanna be able to make it so that I can only see it.

My team can’t see it, but in a cross-doc, if a collègue clicks on the reference link of the table from my private doc, it opens up the private doc

When you say it opens the private doc, do you mean it take them to the doc’s URL but they are met with a “Request Access” page or do you mean it takes them to the doc and they can see the doc contents?

If you’re using cross-doc, there isn’t a way to hide the link to the source doc all together, but the permissions should be that others cannot actually access the source doc.