Specific pages in doc not visible for people outside company

I have a question and hopefully someone can help me.
We have a doc with our company guideliness but some pages with information are not allowed to been seen by people from outside our company. But other pages can be viewed outside and inside the company and that’s ok. Does anyone know if it is possible to have a Doc and select pages who can / cannot be viewed by people from outside?

Dear @Femke_Frowijn, great having you here in the community.

It will not be a good idea to share a doc outside your organisation that contains information not to be visible to outsiders. Because even when you hide, the ones with a bit more skills will be able to “see this content”.

A better way to go is to make a “cross doc” that receives the content for the external parties and share that with people outside your organisation. (the link directs to a support article how to use the crossdoc)

Thanks! This will help. Is it correct you can only use tables with Cross Doc? Or is it also possible to use Cross Doc with pages with only text for example?

Dear @Femke_Frowijn,

Cross doc will only sync tables.
During the coming months a column will be able to contain pages (notes), so your possibility to get them synced in cross-doc will become available, at least that’s what I assume (not tested by me), and a new world of extended possibilities will open.

I would follow what @Jean_Pierre_Traets said - Cross-doc is the safest way to share only certain information from a doc.

But if this is super important to you and your specific use case fits there is one sneaky workaround (although it has some cons)

  • Hide every page you don’t want external users to see
  • Publish the document, and then share the published link (set to play or view, not edit)
  • Disable copying
  • Ensure that you toggle on the option where pages are viewed at the top of the screen (this ensures that the annoying top left master search bar goes away)
  • In the actual editable doc, shortcut hidden pages you use often for easy use

The only cons are that the you will probably use hidden pages often and therefore need to shortcut them to see them and edit them quickly

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