Cross-Doc views and flittering


I’m trying to get the hand of Cross Docs, as I have a table with all the people in the org, but I want the different chapters to have access only to their members.

What’s the best way to do that?
Do I link the full table to the new doc?
or can I create a view and link only that view?

If I link the full table, and add fillers, can I set them as locked and then let the people that have access to that doc filter only other rows that I do want them to be able to continue filtering?

Is there any other/better way I’m missing?


Hy @Tomer_Marshall,

Great questions!

The best way to do what you are trying to do would be to create a view of the main table that you are looking to share adding the filters and hidden elements to the table. From there you can cross doc that view into the external facing doc. That should keep things siloed for you.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks @Dan_Demers !

Why is it better to cross doc the view (and how do I do that) rather then cross docing the whole things and setting up the filters there?

If you cross doc the whole thing, users of the new doc can

  • adjust your filter settings to remove the filter on that table
  • create a new view of the table on any page, with or without the same filters

By filtering before cross-docing, you make the hidden info completely inaccessible in the new doc.


Oh and the “how”

  • in the old doc (probably on a new page that you end up hiding later, for cleanliness), create a filtered view of the table (it sounds like you know how to do this, but let me know if you need help on that part)
  • in the new doc, type /cross-doc
  • choose the new view of the table that you made

Note that both filtering and showing/hiding columns has an effect here. So if there are only certain columns you want to be accessible in the new doc, you can hide them from the view in the main doc

Edit to add: setting up a dedicated view when you are cross doc-ing is the best practice in general. Even if there’s no special filtering/column hiding you want to do right now, you might want more control in the future, and this will be easier if you’re already set up to cross doc with a dedicated view.


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