Crossdoc – remove link to source doc?

I want to display specific tables from my master doc in a crossdoc for external clients to view, but I don’t want them to have access to my master doc. But from what I see, ANYONE can click on the “Last synched X ago from [here]” at the top of a crossdoc table, and have full access the original source doc.

Am I missing something, or does access to a crossdoc mean you have access to the source doc? Is there seriously no way to share a read-only table view from a private master doc without granting access to your entire private master doc? Is there ANY way to share a table view with a client without granting them access to your full doc?

Even “View Only” users get this link to the source doc on every crossdoc:
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 12.16.40 PM

It will link back to the doc, but they will not be able to open it since they don’t have permission on it. You are not seeing this limitation, because you have access to both @Chris_Woehrle.

Thanks for the quick reply, Johg. I figured that might be an issue, so I opened a View Only crossdoc link in a different browser (not signed in to my Coda account), but the link to source doc still worked. I’ll retest by sending to someone else and see what they get…thanks again.

If the source doc is “View only” for anyone with the link — it will be visible to whoever clicks the link.

You should make the doc not viewable for anyone except the ones you want to let in.

Cross-doc will still work if the original doc is not shared. That’s because Cross-doc uses API connection through a token that you authorized under your name, usually for a specific doc and specific table/view. That token basically works as if it was you who read from that doc.

Ah, ok - thanks, @Paul_Danyliuk - that explains the issue I was having.
Will revise per your instructions.
Appreciate the quick help, @Paul_Danyliuk and @Johg_Ananda!