Launched: New way to share docs with everyone in your workspace

We have an exciting update on a highly requested feature to make sharing within Coda seamless— Coda users can now share docs with everyone in their workspace directly from the sharing settings menu, making sharing docs with members of your workspace faster and easier. This feature is available to all users across Coda’s free and paid tiers.

This feature makes it easy for you to share docs with a large number of people in your workspace, and is especially useful if:

  • You’re in a workspace that has users from multiple domains.
  • You’re in an “.edu” workspace and don’t want the doc to be shared with everyone that shares the “.edu” domain.
  • You belong to an org that has multiple workspaces with users sharing the same email domain, but you want to share a doc with just the members of your workspace.

To share docs with everyone in your workspace,

  • Click on Share in the upper right corner of your doc. Then find the option that says ‘Anyone in [insert workspace name] workspace’.
  • Just as with the other sharing options, you can choose what level of access to grant these folks: can view, can comment, or can edit.

If you’re in a business workspace and want to share the doc with everyone in the domain, you can click on the drop-down button next to the ‘Anyone in [workspace name] workspace’ and select the option that says ‘Anyone with a [domain name] email address’ instead.

NEW share via email domain.gif

Click here to learn more.

Note: If your doc is in a shared folder, workspace members will always have edit access to the doc. You may notice that anyone in your workspace has ‘edit’ access via the folder, and ‘no access’ via direct workspace share in the share settings menu. We are fixing this soon, with some exciting changes to folder permissions!


Real good solve. Especially for school systems. This is awesome.