Struggling with navigating Client and Freelancer Collaboration in Coda

Hi, I’m new to Coda, and am considering moving across from Notion but I’m struggling to wrap my head around sharing items with others. Specifically I need to share stuff with different clients and freelancers but it seems that when I share a folder with someone, that person is able to see EVERYTHING in my workspace which is obviously of no use. I then read a thread which stated

“When you use the share dialog inside a specific doc, you only share that doc with your intended collaborators – not the workspace.”

That sounded ok but when I attempt to do this I get an error stating “Error: cross domain sharing is prohibited”. So the sense I’m getting is that there is really no way to share items that is useful to me. Is this actually the case or am I missing something?

Hi Ole,

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Could you please clarify your concern somewhat? One place you talk about access to folders and elsewhere you talk about sharing docs.

Sharing docs
When you share a doc, you share only the doc, nothing else in your workspace.
Currently, when you share a doc, the new person has access to everything in that doc. You can use the Crossdoc and other packs to limit what the new person can see. This approach has some drawbacks, but in the next few weeks Coda will be making available the ability to sync page(s) into a separate doc. The person(s) that doc is shared with will then only have access to the shared information, and will not be able to see the rest of the information in the source doc.

How were you sharing when you got this message? I have not yet seen this message.

You can mark a folder as private, then access is hidden unless expressly granted.

You get to this here:

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Hi Piet,

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for getting back to me.

The situation I have is that I wish to share various docs with different clients. As I’m still very much finding my way around Coda I’m not sure whether the best approach is to set up a folder for each client and share the folder or whether it’s better to share individual docs.

I click on the doc’s “share” button at the upper right and then go through the process as per the attached screen grabs.

With regard to marking the folder as private, at my end this option is only available with a teams or enterprise account which is a little on the pricey side - I’m currently on the free Plan but would move to the Pro plan if I do stick with Coda.

Again, many thanks for your help.

Hi Ole,

It is a pleasure helping out, I can remember starting out as well… :wink:

The biggest recommendation that I have to new people are

  • keep one doc as long as you can,
  • keep as few tables as you can,
  • experiment as much as you can.

If a customer is allowed to see everything, then the simplest would be to give them access to a doc.

Look at the rest of the options once sharing a complete doc is no longer feasible, for whatever reason.

As far as the error message, I would suggest you click on the question mark button right of your document, and speak to customer support. I do not see why you should need getting that.


Hi Piet,

Thanks for the help - I’ve contacted them and we’ll see what happens. Seems someone else was having the same problem (Cross domain sharing - #3 by Tommer_Wizansky).

In the earlier comment you mentioned some new functionality (sync pages) - sounds like that’s exactly what I need… just hope it comes out before I start on this project.

Thanks again,


p.s. I saw you were from SA - I lived there for 9 years. Totsiens.

Small world! Are you Norwegian? I was at school with an Ole - EVERYBODY mispronounced his name at first.

This link explains about the “sync page process”.
(This was the announcement of phase two of a four step development. Coda announced in the last week or so that they are a “few weeks” away from releasing phase 3. Personally I am hoping for before end May. It is going to be of tremendous benefit.)


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