Cross domain sharing

Hi we’re evaluating Coda for our org and I want to make sure I’m understanding the limitations of sharing. Is it true that I cannot share a doc with someone who’s email is associated with a different domain? that is, if my email is I cannot share it with

We are a team of volunteers and our org does not have its own domain so this is pretty much a non-starter for us


Hey there! That is not true. You can absolutely share across domains.


this is what I get. and the docs say

“Sharing a doc with multiple domains is not supported at this time. A doc can only be shared with the owner’s domain.”

Am I missing something?

Hi @Tommer_Wizansky, welcome to Coda! I would recommend inviting your team to your workspace and putting your doc into a shared folder so that everyone can access it. That way you won’t even need to share each doc individually - everyone in your workspace would have access to all its shared docs. You also wouldn’t be sharing the doc publicly with a link.

As for the error message, it might be due to some anti-spam/phishing mitigations automatically enforced by our system to protect our users. These can go away in its own over time, but you can also reach out to support and we’ll happily get you sorted. Sorry to hear our system misclassified your account!

Hi @oleg thanks a lot. looks like the shared folder + inviting the team to the workspace does the trick.

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