Editing and viewing access

What does it mean that everybody in the workspace has access to this doc and how canI set it so only the people that I invite do?
Thanks :pray:

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 12.00.33 PM

Hey @Tomer_Marshall , thanks for reaching out about this doc in your Coda Workspace. It looks like this doc lives in a public folder in your digitalgestalt.com Workspace. If you would like to keep this doc private, you can move it to your My Docs folder or a Private folder.

We have various folder types including the My Docs folder, Public Workspace folders, and Private Workspace folders (available for Team and Enterprise Workspaces). I recommend checking out this help article to learn more about each of these folder types and how you can use them to organize your docs: Organize docs with folders | Coda Help Center

If you have any follow questions about the settings for these different folder types, please don’t hesitate to follow up with us.