Unknown workspace members

This is the first time to check my Workspace Settings as in the image below. Why I find all these members added as Guest Editors? I have never added anyone before.

Dear @Mostafa_AlBelliehy,

As far as I can judge, you shared a doc in this post
Memory issue when using Coda with a browser

Everyone that opened the doc will be added as a viewer, but doesn’t count in a way that will cost you money.

Myself, I have created a folder where I have placed docs shared with others, so I have there only guest viewers and when someone opens and copies the doc it will be added to their account. Just to simplify for myself, although it doesn’t matter

Please check also this explanation

I don’t remember if at this time it was in My Docs or not. I noticed some docs I did not share were viewed and even copied, does sharing a doc makes all other docs available to others?