Why do I see docs from other people, who are not member in my workspace?

I am wondering, where do all these docs come from and why am I seeing these. I suspect, that these are the docs created by people using the same email domain as me. I didn’t use my personal domain to register in coda.
Can I somehow hide all these docs which are not created by person in my workspace?

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As far as I understand from your screenshot, this is a view of your main workspace tab (with the name of your workspace). As you used a domain that can be shared by people with the same domain, you will see those docs anyways. I recommend you using the tab “Owned by me” or going straight to a folder where you organize your own docs, instead of using this view. I would say this view is rarely useful in a normal workflow, unless your main objective is to see what are the latest updates on every doc in your company.

I see I’m in there too! I already mentioned this issue to the support team. I was able to access any files shared with all @proton.me emails. This is a serious security issue. I was able to access AND edit files from other people. There was some very personal stuff in there. In my opinion, this security gap should very quickly be closed!

In that case, you have to make sure the people in your company are locking their folders (making the folders private).

Ideally some folders will be public, such as Product documentation, but other would be private, such as Legal or People Operations. Ask the people that created those folders to make them private and you won’t see those documents anymore.

The problem in this case is that @proton.me is an email service like Gmail. Check https://proton.me/.
This would be the same as if anyone who logs into Coda with @gmail.com can see eachother’s content. MAJOR security issue.

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Oh wow!! Now I get it. Yes, that is something that probably the Coda team has to fix on their end.

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