Access to my Docs from strange 3rds

Hi All,

I have a weird list of possible names of users if I just type "Users().Name = " (as you can see on the screenshot attached).

Where are this names are coming from? Does this mean, that this users had access to my docs? If yes - Why?


Okay - but these doc was never publicly shared to someone or embedded somewhere, either here nor somewhere else.

Dear @SEMango,

I suggest to drop an email to to ask for support on this subject.

When the case is handled, it would be great of you could share a short summary of the outcome

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I’m guessing you copied your doc from a template from the official template gallery?
Those are all Coda employees except for the Baimlers, which then I presume they’re your team.

If you created a doc from scratch, then the issue is deeper than I reported.

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@SEMango - thank you for bringing this up. These are all Codan’s and most likely due to a template that you used. If that is not the case please reach out to us at and we will get this looked into.

(@Jean_Pierre_Traets :+1: )

I’ve started with a plain doc not with a template.

Thank you guys for the advice, will write a mail to support and then will let you know the outcome!