Privacy Issue?!Uninvited people viewed my docs?

Really weird things. Today when I tried to @ my partner in the comments, I saw several unknown names appeared in my people list. Then I went to the page statistics and found out the doc gained 19 views yesterday which absolutely makes no sense. :exploding_head: Because my internet was down and I didn’t use Coda at all yesterday. The link was only shared with my partner (he didn’t share the link) and nobody else could have access to it.

The screenshots are attached below. Can anyone please help with this? Really want to know what’s going on?? Thanks a lot!!

I keep all my business researches and work plans in the doc because I do trust Coda can be a good place to make an organized information center, with my PRIVACY secured. I really hope this is not data breach.

Sorry, Alan, James, Joel, Lola, Polly, I don’t really know you. Only XMX (Rapsodia) was invited.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 11.34.59

I think it has something to do with importing templates or data from other docs. I’ve had this happen before where I might copy a doc, then copy a page from that ‘template’ doc into my personal one.

Because it’s importing all the data, including the people in any people columns, those people show in your doc until you’ve either removed them from the column, or removed the column.

None of those people actually have access to the doc, you just have data about them in your doc.

Thanks for the message.
But I did’t use the template. They were not in the comment’s people list until today. It used to be normal, only my partner in the list.

These are fake profiles that get pulled in when you insert some of Coda templates, e.g. Tasks or a voting table. Don’t worry; also you can clean them up (right click on the names):

Maybe someone else used a template accidentally and then did an undo, but the users were already imported into this doc.

P.S. 19 views means 19 loads — it can be one person closing and reopening the tab 19 times

Thanks a lot Paul. May I ask how I delete them in the doc where I don’t have any templates and tables?

Create a table and make a People column. Then you can delete these people from the drop-down list there. Then dispose of that table :slight_smile:


It worked. Thank you so much!! :smile:

I do hope Coda can fix it.

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