Remove people that joined from a link

Hello, I would like to know how to remove people from a document that I shared trough a link, the problem is that I created a link with the “Can Edit” permission and I tried the link with an alternate account, now my test profile appears in the “People” dropdown list and that bothers me and my team.

Question is: How can I remove that “person” from the list or document?

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With a right click you will be able to remove from the list

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Hello, thanks for replying, yes that can be done with the “example” people coda brings but when I right click on real people (people that actually joined) there is no menú, nothing happens.

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This has been tough to resolve for a while, and we have been working on a couple things to help out here. What @Jean_Pierre_Traets mentioned is the only current way to remove people, but you’re right, it doesn’t quite do the whole job. We’re working on this so stay tuned for an update.

We’ve also already launched this which should help with the people that are available for you to choose from when adding them to a doc…

And here’s the other announcement that might help out here, @Victor_Villegas