Remove Sample Users

When copying a doc in from the template marketplace a lot of times it comes along with sample users.

Is there a way to remove all of these extra users in a doc when it is copied into our own coda instance? The reason I ask is it is confusing our team on who all these extra folks are and I just want to remove the confusion.


I have the same issue as well. I removed all the tables which referred the sample users and still I find these people in all the places, in authors etc.

I ended up at looking at my doc map. Apparently, there are still few tables/buttons present but hidden in my pages. Every time I click them to direct me there, it just takes me to a page I once had those elements in. I am not sure whether I did something or if it is a bug.


Dear @Benjamin_Bachman and @Rahul and of course everyone interested in the community.

I just learned from @BenLee that with a right click of your mouse button, you will be able to deactivate the sample user.

Hopefully this will be made more obvious during near future upgrade.

Thank you addressing :handshake:

with a right click of your mouse button, you will be able to deactivate the sample user.

Hey, thanks for the reply.
This seems to work in the context of tables, where user profiles have been referenced. Where, indeed I opened the context menu to remove the sample users.

However, if you have “Authors” enabled under pages. There, all the sample users are still present.


@Rahul yes I noticed that as well. Thanks for pointing that out. I am wondering if these can be removed as well.

Coda… any chance we can get the page author sample users to be removed as well?

This one caused a little more of a headache to solve. We have been looking into this and it is being worked on.

Here are some of the parts of the project we’ve been rolling out to improve both people you have to choose from and removing people that are not your actual contacts…

None of these quite solve the issue of removing people from the “author” dropdown in a doc that came over from a template.

These are items that are part of the journey to get there. But like I mentioned above, it is being worked on.