Best way for users to add copies of tables

I’ve created various tables for our team that we’d like them to use in other documents. e.g. one using cross doc that looks up basic order information, and one for adding tasks linked via Zapier to Asana.

I’d like to able users to be able to easily add these tables to documents whenever they’re needed (e.g. adding a meeting minutes tables when tasks are required), much like the Coda templates can be. With a / command would be ideal. It doesn’t look like this is possible though?

At the moment, users have to go and find the document containing the table I’ve set up, and then manually select and copy paste this into the document, and also click to duplicate data (not a view). Which is a bit of a faff.

Is there a more straightforward way for them to add a copy of a table I’ve made? Does anyone know if there’s a saved user template feature in the works?

Welcome to the community @Mark_Stephens :handshake:

More users have come up with the idea that it would be great to have the ability to create own templates. The Codans have responded positive on this idea, but it’s not clear if it’s in the works and when it will be made available.

I could be that I am totally wrong, but it sounds a bit weird why users of your doc should need to copy one of your created tables.

When you create a doc you are a “maker” and when the doc goes in use, the other people are users with different rights
The idea is that the “Maker” has created a certain logic between all tables, buttons and that the called “schema” is working

If you could share a sample doc, it would be very helpful to better understand your logic.