Bug? Coda users showing in people formula

I have shared some bug documents to Coda before, perhaps that is related to this, but I am seeing a couple of Coda devs show up in some of my views from a completely separate doc in a separate (private) folder, but within the same workspace.

I don’t have them in the Workspace Settings access, and my (private) document doesn’t show them as shared users. Anyone know how to track down the source of them appearing in this list, and more importantly if they actually have access to this doc somehow?

Hi @Ed_Liveikis!

I think this happens when a template is copied with Coda Employees in the people field. If you go to the people field and hover over the selection items, you should be able to “Right Click” the person and remove them from the list.

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The thing is these people don’t show up in any of my People fields if I do what you did, even if I select “Show More”.

So far I am only seeing them when writing formulas using the People fields with multiple selections allowed:
The blocks in Red are coda employees, and also I’m seeing the Automation Bot and System Writer there.

But now I’ve added a brand new table, with a People field with multiple selections, and no names are appearing, not even the automation bot. So maybe some sort of cache that was tied to pre-existing table fields? Or something stranger.

@coda_team I can confirm this is a bug on my end as well. For some reason after deleting the Coda people, they still display in a formula field.

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Thanks Keith, so yes I suppose some sort of cache tied to existing fields.

For me personally this is a low priority issue, since it only comes up while working on formulas so far, which isn’t often and only affects the formula writer, not general users of the document. Still of course would be nice to fix :slight_smile: