People field doesn't show people doc is shared with, random users instead

Hi everyone! I either don’t understand how “people” field work, or it works wrong.

My doc is shared with one person, my coworker Lisa.

I have a “people” field named “Assignee” in “Tasks” table.

Lisa is assigned to a number of tasks (plenty of them, actually).

I also have a cross-doc table with members of a community I manage (need it to track payments, info, etc.). None of these cross-doc members is assigned to a task in my doc.

Assignee field doesn’t list Lisa, but lists other users from a cross-doc table instead.

What is even more absurd, Lisa is a member of the community, and is listed in the cross-doc table, but she is the only member that is not listed in the Assignee field.

I still can add Lisa via the “workspace members” table, but it requires extra click.

But as I’ve made an external form for task submission, I can only see users from the cross-doc table and don’t see Lisa or even me!

Same thing is happening with the people field in other tables.

UPD: As I’ve added Lisa and myself (!) using a “+👤” button, even though the doc was already shared with us, it helped with us being in the list of users, but we still have plenty of other users from cross doc. I don’t have an opportunity to edit this list somewhere else.

Can anyone please, please, please explain me, what I am doing wrong? It’s really annoying.

Hi @Vasily_Skalon , thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re running into some issues with the People column. After escalating this to our testing team, they confirmed that this is not working as expected on your end, and we’re not seeing issues in people fields on our end. We can see both the user whom the doc is shared with and the list of people coming from the cross doc table, as shown here: ​Screen Recording on 2024-04-19 at 12-32-42.gif - Droplr

That said, it sounds like sounds it might be a bug based on the information you’ve provided. In this case, I would recommend reaching out to the Coda Support team by clicking the ? in the bottom right corner of your Coda screen and submitting a bug report with this information.