"people" questions

Good evening,

I would like to ask the community about “people”.

I have a table with a people column. This column appears to work like a lookup column in which I see all the people that have access to doc that contains this table. But I also see some people that don’t have access (anymore). Why would they show? They are not in my list of people with whom I share this document…

Is there a programmatic way to have acces to “people”, like getting the name of the nth person that has access to this doc (person with whom I share this doc)?

For my app, the list of people that has access to my app changes over time. I would like to fill the table automatically with all these people (who are actually “user()” in their own session).

Why? I am building a multiuser filter (as discussed elsewhere in this forum), but would like my filter table to contain all the users that have access without having to do any maintenance on this table. So if I could retrieve people(1), people(2), etc. I could fill the table rows by using a function with the formula field.nth(rank) (or something like that).