Accessing People

Hello! This might be a very silly question, but is there a way to access a table of all the “people” in a doc?

Doc Explorer!

It has a doc access table and will return people chips for each person who has access to the document

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I wonder, does Doc Explorer pull in all the people in the doc (i.e. all the choices on the People column) or can it only list people with whom the doc is shared with explicitly by email?

I did some raw data reading trickery in my Comments pack to read all the people in the doc who left comments or were mentioned. Wasn’t sure I could get them from the API via the ACL endpoint because it won’t return all the people in e.g. a folder or an organization, or anyone who had interacted with the doc via a public link. Wondering if I missed something about the API, or are you too doing it on the low level?

P.S. There is a hacky way to dump all people (e.g. refresh a table) with a button click without a pack or any external plugin, just CFL. But it requires reading from system tables and could flag the doc for the coda staff to disable it permanently.

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